Obtaining of licenses, certifications and legalizations.

Technical reports.



Energetic certification of buildings and industries. Adaptation to 2012/27/UE.

Rate studies.

Procedures and subventions for energy savings.

Renewable Energies: Solar and biomass.

Energy audits: we make a free study of your installations and industrial processes
and propose you a series of measures to reduce the electrical consumption and
CO2 emissions adapted to your needs. In case of conformity we execute the
proposed measures.



Industrial units and buildings. Workshops.

Industrial states.

Register of new industries, extension, modification or removal.

Selection, design, installation and commissioning of machinery and industrial

Revamping and retrofitting of machinery.

Machinery protection RD 1215/97 and adaptation to 2006/42/UE (RD 1644/2008),
homologation and CE certification.

Thermic and combustion equipment and installations.

Natural gas and LPG distribution and storage.

Fire extinguish installations.

Compressed air installations, hydraulics and other pressure equipment.

Installations for processing and storage of chemicals.

Wastewater treatment. Gas filtering.

Installations for petroleum derivatives.

Cooling and heating installations.

Vehicles remodelling and technical datasheet.



Residential states, sports centre, supermarkets, hotels, public buildings.

Accessibility, acoustic and fire protection studies.

Emergency and evacuation plans.

Low, medium and high tension electrical installations. Public lighting.

Electrical Transformers.

Thermic and Photovoltaic solar installations.

Natural Gas installations.

Drinking and waste water installations.

Communications installations. Optic fibre.

Heating, cooling, hot water and air conditioned installations.

Safety plans and studies.

Urbanisation and distribution nets.