• Who are we?

    The B&C Engineering office started in 1970 and since then we execute all kind of engineering projects, with a large experience and engineers specialized in the different fields of engineering. B&C Engineering is member or registered in the following sectorial associations that consign our compromise with well-done jobs:

    - COEVAL (Enterprise Confederation of Valld’Albaida)
    - AVINCO (Valencian Association of Consulting Engineers)
    - APCPIAX (Association of small constructors, developers and industries of Xàbia)
    - INNOVALL (National Cluster of Innovation and Sustainability)
    - UNIVERSIDAD DE ALICANTE (Cooperationpartner)
    - NACIONES UNIDAS (SupplierRegistration)
    - EEN (Enterprise Europe Network, SEIMED)
    - COIICV (Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Industriales de la Comunidad Valenciana)
    - COITIA (Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Alicante)
    - COITIG Valencia. (Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales y de Grado de Valencia)
    - ATECYR (Technical Spanish Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)
  • Philosophy

    - Compromise, proximity and experience.

    - Closeness, dedication and tailor made solutions.

    - Customization, flexibility and customer service.

    - 44 years in the business, offering a quality service with a multidisciplinary team of thirteen engineers who cover the different specialities of industrial engineering.
  • Objectives

    Actually we put in place the efficiency, quality and innovation with the aim of help the reindustrialization of the country, providing value and competitiveness to industrial companies of each size and capital. Therefore we look to interact with our customers like an intern engineering department of its own company.

    Beside the traditional business as Engineering Projects Technical Office, we have developed other two business branches, one based on industrial machinery and renewable energy research and development, and other one focused on the internationalization and collaboration with official bodies.
  • Team

    Our team, specialized in the different fields of industrial engineering (Mechanics, electric, electronics, chemistry, thermodynamics, textile, metallurgic, etc…), together with the speciality in Forestry-Environmental Science and Technical Architecture, is composed by:

    • SeppWolfsgruber - Senior Industrial Engineer
    • José Mª Bataller Albert - Senior Industrial Technical Engineer.Manager
    • Juan Vicente Catalá Torres -Senior Industrial Technical Engineer
    • Miguel Rodríguez García - Senior Industrial Technical Engineer
    • José Pedro Santa Belda - Senior Industrial Engineer
    • Pere VivesPerelló - Senior Industrial Engineer
    • Gonzalo Revert Tormo -Senior Industrial Technical Engineer
    • Elena Gil Insa - Forestry Technical Engineer, Licens. Environmental Sciences
    • MaríaCataláGarcía - Technical Architect and Risk Management Technician
    • RaúlCremadesGrau - Highway Engineer
    • David Vicente Cardós - Industrial Technical Engineer
    • Vicent S. IváñezEnguix- Industrial Technical Engineer
    • Leonor Torres Segarra
    • Threeadministrativeofficers
    • Twodraftsman